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Meditations and Prayers to Embrace Rest


Women with ADHD often struggle to embrace rest because we've come to believe that we have to earn it. Rest is not something that has to be earned, its our birthright. REST is an online community that will give you a safe, non-judgemental space to embrace information, guidance and support to help you make rest a part of your daily life. In this class you will learn to embrace rest through the contemplative practices of meditation and prayer that you can use to curate your own restful routine. When you stop relying on your own power to achieve rest and tap into divine power that only comes from the Lord, you can surrender to rest and deep, restorative sleep. The class includes a definition of each type of rest, how you can achieve the various types of rest and a meditative practice to help you embrace each type of rest. If you are ready to take hold of the fact that you need rest to simply be, then you're in the right place. Welcome to REST.

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Meditations and Prayers to Embrace Rest

Meditations and Prayers to Embrace Rest

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