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Meet Tanya Murphy

Restful Lifestyle Curator & ADHD Advocate 

I believe that rest is a lifestyle and I'm are here to help women with ADHD embrace it.  If you believe that rest is limited to naps, vacations and spa trips then you're not fully tapping into the power of rest. Likewise, if you think ADHD is only hyperactivity and lack of focus then you're not fully empowered with the information needed to better understand your diagnosis and how you can leverage your neurodivergance to live in harmony with ADHD as opposed to always fighting your unique self.

I'm not a doctor or a life coach.  I'm a former women's health lobbyist and wellbeing expert.  My ADHD diagnosis led me on the path to advocate for other women and girls with ADHD.  I'm a member of the Public Policy Committee of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) and I'm  passionate about helping women with ADHD find the balance they need to live their best life being their authentic selves. I love encouraging and empowering women with ADHD through online support and an engaging community. As a woman that loves the Lord, I yield to biblical wisdom and insight to guide my wellbeing journey, I've learned to surrender my striving through Christian meditative practices that always lead me back to a heart that seeks my divine purpose, leading me to better define my personal priorities, allowing me to stay focused, grounded and at ease.  This is the beauty of embracing rest.

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Well Rested Blog

Well Ryysted is my blog designed to help women with ADHD discover how to curate a life that stands on the foundation of rest  From morning and evening routines, to making time for your favorite hobbies and planning time to be social, you'll find a new article bi-weekly that inspires you to cultivate a life that brings you rest.

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