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 REST Membership Community 

 I created the Rest community specifically to help women with ADHD embrace rest in their everyday lives. So many of us struggle to calm our minds or even remember to eat.  As a woman with ADHD I know firsthand the feeling of being overwhelmed with the busyness of this fast paced world, and for some of us we live in hyperfocus until we don't.  Sleep can elude us and anxiety and depression can freeze us in place.  Learning   what rest is and how to embrace it in a way that works for our unique lives allows us lean into the fullness of who we are and have the clarity and courage to pursue our full potential.

I'm not a Coach,  I'm a Restful Lifestyle Curator.  I enjoy cultivating relationships and creating community.  It's my hearts desire to see this community support one another in ways that enhance personal growth and development, and celebrate the uniqueness of our neurodivergence.

I've designed the Rest community to be a safe space for women with ADHD to discuss our real life issues that many of us never discuss and some never knew was related to ADHD. 

I'm here to be a place for women like me, that were diagnosed later in our lives and suffered through school and college being the smart student that "didn't apply themselves" because the hyperfocus only lasted the first semester. 

For the woman that's the successful entrepreneur but is stressed out because you don't want to make a mistake. 

For the woman that's dealt with anxiety for years and only been given medications without a root diagnosis. 

For those that haven't gotten a good nights sleep in forever.

For those that couldn't figure out for the life of you why your sex drive was zero in your thirties or you were hypersexual and didn't understand why. 

For the woman who struggles to be on time for anything or have the ability to do the things that are important to you,  yet you're there for everyone else and you're excellent in a crisis, unless its yours. 

For any woman with ADHD that deals with the wide variety of issues we tend to deal with in silence.

This community is for you!

Join us as we embrace rest as a lifestyle.  


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