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ADHD in the Workplace

Offering a holistic approach to supporting employees with ADHD while helping employers unlock the full potential of neurodiversity within their organizations. By recognizing and valuing the strengths of individuals with ADHD, you company can create an environment where all employees can thrive, driving innovation, productivity, and success.

Meditation Sessions

Offering guided meditation sessions to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional balance. These sessions are suitable for individuals and groups seeking to cultivate mindfulness and reduce stress.

Living From A Place Of Rest

Providing coaching to help individuals live intentionally and authentically, drawing from principles of rest, mindfulness, and personal values.

Christian Principles of Rest

These sessions integrate Christian principles to guide individuals in living a lifestyle of rest, rooted in faith and spiritual wellness.

Work/Life Wellbeing

These workshops explore practical techniques for achieving balance and fulfillment in both personal and professional life. Topics include flow mastery (time management), boundary-setting, and prioritizing self-care.

The Types of Rest We All Need

These sessions delve into the seven types of rest identified by researchers, including physical, mental, and emotional rest. Participants learn how to recognize their unique rest needs and incorporate restful practices into their daily lives.


If you would like for me to work with your business, organization, non-profit or individual coaching, complete the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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