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Are You Ready To Embrace A Lifestyle Grounded In Rest?

Hey there, Amazing Woman with ADHD!

Tired of the endless cycle of trying every remedy out there, only to find fleeting relief from anxiety and overwhelm? It's time to shift gears. ADHD isn't just about attention—it's about managing an unstoppable flow of it, often in directions we didn't choose.

But what if you could harness that energy instead of fighting it?

I've created self paced courses to help you go "From Stress to Rest" 

This isn't just another quick fix. It's a transformative journey designed specifically for women like us.  You'll discover tailored strategies to shift from constant chaos to intentional calm. It's about crafting a lifestyle where rest isn't a luxury—it's a foundation.

Ready to rewrite your story? Join us and embrace a life where you're in control, where overwhelm takes a backseat, and where rest isn't just a dream—it's your reality.

Let's reclaim rest, together. 

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Navigating ADHD as a woman can be challenging, especially when exhaustion and fatigue becomes a lifestyle. I've been there, and I understand. As an experienced ADHD coach, I've tailored strategies specifically for women like us.

Why Choose Tanya's Self Paced Courses

*Discover what true rest means beyond just sleep.

*Learn to curate a restful lifestyle tailored to you.
*Break free from chronic stress and its health implications.

Are These Challenges Familiar?

*Sleepless nights, regardless of bedtime.
*Overwhelming stress and anxiety.
*Struggling with relationships and intimacy.
*Constant fatigue and emotional ups and downs.
*Feeling disconnected spiritually.

You deserve a life where rest is foundational, leading to both personal and professional success. If you recognize these challenges, it's time for a change. Purchase your course now and take the first step towards embracing rest and revitalizing your life.














By working through my courses you'll be able to finally:

*Tap into the ten areas of rest we all need to improve outcomes in every area of your life.

*Lower anxiety and eliminate the night urge to "make up the time"

*Develop priorities that guide your life and help you avoid being lead by the next impulse

*Establish a healthy mindset and release ways of thinking that lead to self sabotage

*Adopt a restful lifestyle that actually works for your neurodivergent life

*Use a proven, science backed strategies to get deeper more restful sleep and improve sleep by 80%.

*Reduce mind chatter and have better mental clarity.

*Regulate your nervous system and finally feel a since of calm.

*Give your spiritual life the time and attention it deserves and learn to rely on your faith as your source of strength.



See for Yourself

“I was struggling to find the right balance in my life, but Tanya's mentorship helped me establish healthy habits and prioritize rest. I'm so grateful for her support.”

H. Abrams

“As someone with ADHD, I've always struggled with self-care. Tanya's mentorship has been life-changing for me. She's helped me create a routine that works for me and prioritize my well-being.”

R. Johnson

“Tanya is a fantastic advocate for women with ADHD. Her personalized mentorship from her lived experience and guidance have helped me navigate my diagnosis and embrace restful living.”

S. Davis

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Rest: Reclaim Your Birthright!

I know its been a struggle before, but you can rest.

You've heard the whispers, felt the weight of expectations, and perhaps even internalized the doubt: "Am I just lazy?" "Why can't I just focus and relax like everyone else?"

But here's a radical thought: What if it's not about willingness, but about understanding?

For many with ADHD, rest isn't just a matter of switching off—it's navigating a mind that rarely hits the pause button. A lifetime of hearing, "You're not trying," or "Just apply yourself," has left its mark. The constant need to prove, to mask your struggles, to push through exhaustion has been your unwelcome companion.

But today, we say no more.

Embracing rest isn't admitting defeat; it's acknowledging your unique journey and needs. It's a testament to your strength, resilience, and the vibrant spirit that is uniquely yours.

It's Time for a Change

Step into a new chapter where rest isn't a luxury—it's a priority. Celebrate yourself, ADHD and all. Recognize your worth, honor your needs, and craft a lifestyle that not only acknowledges your challenges but champions your strengths.

You Are Worthy. You Are Enough.

Embrace the full spectrum of who you are—a brilliant, multifaceted woman with ADHD, deserving of rest, peace, and a life that celebrates your wellbeing.

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I work with businesses and organizations nationally and internationally in person and via Zoom.

I also speak at and conduct workshops for organizational events.

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