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Tanya Murphy
Cultivating Wellbeing

Helping You Cultivate A Lifestyle That Supports Your Wellbeing

Meet Tanya 

Tanya is a nationally and internationally sought after Speaker, Teacher and Holistic Wellness Coach that is dedicated to providing tools, techniques and strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety, overcome self defeating mindsets and improve brain, mind, body and soul wellbeing.  


Tanya's personal testimony of overcoming debilitating anxiety and panic and her sharing the strategies she used to walk in mental and emotional wholeness are the foundation of Cultivating Wellbeing.  Utilizing the science of neuroplasticity, meditation, focusing on a brain based wellness diet, creating new healthy thought patterns and her Christian faith to serve as her foundation she uses to help her clients create a lifestyle that cultivates wellbeing.

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My Specializations

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Session

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Anxiety Life Coaching

Aromatherapy with focus on Nootropics & Aromachology

Mindfulness Meditation 

Christian Meditation

Mindful Marriages

ReMaster Your Mind

Mindful Workplace Through Diversity , Inclusion & Community

What Clients Say

"I can't say enough about the products I've purchased from Tanya. They are amazing!! I was suffering literally from menopause not sleeping and night sweats. I've also dealt with joint pains and headaches but upon use of the night sleep oil immedietly my symtoms were gone. I've been using the meditation oil daily to start my day off and I haven't experienced such peace in years. I wish I had known about the importance of wellness and the long term effects it has on my health I would have been using them sooner. Thank you Tanya for bringing so much insight and a wealth of knowledge. Hands down I rate Tanya's products 5 stars. "

A. Mclntyre


When you embrace stillness daily you create space to cultivate wellbeing as a decision made in love and compassion toward yourself.

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 Tanya Murphy

Cultivating Wellbeing

Ustawi Meditation Studio  

2125 Loganville Hwy, Ste 202

Grayson, GA 30017

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