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This is my story

Rising Above Negative Messages: My Journey to Self-Acceptance

From an early age, negative messages surrounded me, questioning my abilities, my focus, and even my worth.

"Too smart to be lazy."
"If you just focused more..."
"You always wait until the last minute..."

The criticisms were relentless, casting shadows over my achievements and fueling self-doubt. Yet, deep within, I held onto a core belief: I was an incredible, creative, and brilliant woman destined to make a difference.

Despite the external noise, I sought answers and understanding. By embracing grace and self-belief, I began to see past the labels and misconceptions. I recognized my strengths—my dedication, my empathy, my relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, I stand as a testament to resilience, a beacon for others navigating similar paths. By God's grace and my unwavering self-belief, I've embraced my true identity—a fiercely talented woman, empowered to inspire and uplift others.

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My Path To Embracing Rest

From Struggles to Strength: My Journey with ADHD

For years, I battled with relentless thoughts, overwhelming fatigue, and a sense of constant overwhelm. Misunderstood by many, including medical professionals who dismissed my concerns, I felt trapped in a cycle of anxiety and stress. My suspicions about ADHD were often brushed aside, with one doctor even suggesting I was "too smart" for such a diagnosis.

Determined to find answers, I delved into research, drawing from my extensive experience in women's health advocacy and natural hair care for Black women. Recognizing a pattern of stress, anxiety, and potential ADHD symptoms among many women I encountered, I pursued certifications in mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Despite the challenges, I embarked on my diagnostic journey, finally receiving an ADHD diagnosis at 53.

Empowering Women with ADHD

I understand the unique struggles women with ADHD face—being underdiagnosed, misunderstood, and often labeled as lazy or unmotivated. That's why I created my curated courses and community. These courses offers evidence-based strategies to help women embrace rest and overcome fatigue, revitalizing every aspect of their lives.

About Me

Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Anxiety Coach
Featured in Thrive Global, Meditation Magazine, and Voyager Magazine
Member of CHADD Public Policy Committee and Co-Chair CHADD PPC Advocacy Subcommittee
Minister of the Gospel and founder of Love In the 1st Degree Ministry

My mission is to empower women with ADHD to live authentically, embracing rest and reclaiming their lives.

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